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Teacher Hilario Garcia used to work in the sales industry, but he was choked up when he thought his children would get jobs. Since 2000, the number of sales jobs in his district has more than doubled from 4,000 to 9,000. The distribution has helped Garcia get off to a flying start, bringing more jobs at entry-level to an area where employment rates are lagging. The company advertises an entry-level sales job at $14,500 and a full-time job at $16,300.

At the CVS distribution center in Patterson, Mariela Zepeda said the company offers students like her a flexible timetable. The job as a CVS has helped her pay her bills and go to college, but she said she doesn't think about starting a family as part of her job.

Ashley Robinson, an Amazon spokeswoman, said jobs at fulfillment centers may not be a long-term solution for everyone.

Tracy City Council wants to know how much a job would cost to allow someone to afford a life in the city. Burcham said the biggest problem at Tracy right now is that most people commute several hours a day to get to work. Local jobs often do not compensate people enough to meet the cost of living in a city like Tracy, which is about a half-hour drive from downtown Tracy and a few miles from the Amazon fulfillment center.

The city is banking on industry and hopes it will create jobs for future generations. Tracy's Fulfillment Center has a classroom and career program that helps workers find a job at Amazon or even elsewhere. The hope is to attract more - to pay for jobs, but the district is using state grants and pocketing its own money to build a $1.5 million job center for workers at the center.

An endless stream of brown boxes line the path, from collectors filling them with items to bays for trucks waiting outside, many of which take the same route as Tracy commuters. The entire building winds its way through the parking lot, screwing from ceiling to floor, abruptly turning its rounds, changing long treadmills with metal rollers and finally in the lanes of a large complex on the highway.

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