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There is no question about it, there are great nightclubs and live music venues and Lion Share is the best of the best in my opinion. Patterson has earned a unique reputation as the only place where Marin County performers would book out of loyalty and stop and listen instead of playing in the larger venues in San Francisco. I know it's on Broadway, but there are so many bars that are hidden behind everything. If you want to drink and dance in Marin, the Lion Share is the first place to stop before you go to the bar or go drinking or dancing because there is no Broadway.

Patterson walks and works with his dog Elvis, who stays beside him as he sits on his stool in pressed jeans and a white T-shirt with a black jacket and black pants.

The show was eventually produced by Chet Helms and the family dog, but few people there got a kick out of it. In the next few years, many well-known bands would play there, including Grateful Dead, Hold Steady and many more. The club that was most popular at the time was Fairfax's Sleeped on the Palms, the first of its kind in Southern California. Although there were no inkblots (which often appeared at the palm trees), it was exciting to watch the evening entertainers build up. Fairfax had its own version of the "Sleeping Beauty" show, complete with live band and dance floor.

Ted's in San Anselmo, which was a great place for band and dance, had its own version of the "Sleeping Beauty" show, complete with a live band.

The bar that survived is Fourth Street Tavern, and the pool table and music still make it a great hangout most evenings. The tavern offers real value food paired with handmade beers and live music and live entertainment. On the positive side, the fourth street bar is opposite, where you can enjoy handmade beer from the region on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Start swallowing Tequila Sunrise and Harvey's Wallbangers to return to the disco days and start over.

If you have friends in town or just want to avoid the Bachelorettes on Broadway and have a girls night out or date night, the hip and hidden bars on this list are a must - do it. If you're visiting Nashville, visit Old Glory to visit this area of the city or if you're in Lockeland Springs. Urban Cowboy is another must, and it's one of the best bars in the area, and one for which you'll thank me later.

If you want to spend a lively evening, this hidden gem is the perfect place for you, and it's a great place to linger and chill out before the dance floor becomes a hit at 10 pm.

The Flamingo Cocktail Club is a place where you have your hands in the game, and if you want to dance something, this is the place to go to the dance floor. This is not the cozy bar to escape the honky tonk madness of Nashville, but it is a full bar offering a wide selection of cocktails as well as lots of good food and drinks. Bobby's Garage Bar is your place to relax, whether you're celebrating with friends or just hanging out with friends at the bar.

The interior of the bar is very different and unique, which attracts more visitors to enjoy this place. The windows of Christy Square nightclub offer great views of live music and the live activities taking place on 4th Street. With its historic interior, the tavern is the perfect place for an evening with friends, family and friends of friends.

If you plan to visit Sonoma Land with your friends, you should not miss this nightclub, famous for its nightlife. In this cosy, cosy lounge you will enjoy a wide selection of wines, beers, wines, cocktails and food. The Fox Bar and Cocktail Club is a 10 / 10 place for talking to its well-made cocktails. Bobby's Garage Bar is part of the Bobby Hotel, which has a wide selection of restaurants, bars, restaurants and hotels in the city of Santa Rosa.

In December 2019, the team will open a new restaurant and bar, Tavernetta, in Denver's Union Station. The lounge, designed by California-based KNA Design, is crammed with Sonoma wine and will open on the second floor of Denver International Airport.

This family bar is a very famous joint in Sonoma and is a great place for visitors who want to enjoy the nightlife here. One of Nashville's hidden bars is Bobby's Bar & Grill, tucked away in an alley behind Taco Mamacita in Edgehill Village. The name of this bar was barbed wire to show what it was like inside Bobby's, a garage-inspired bar.

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